Being designed after the airtightness of a paint can, chemist Earl Tupper created the first Tupperware bowl and was sure he had created the best covered bowl to store food before or after cooking and introduced it in 1946. To his disappointment, people didn’t understand how the bowl worked, why they should buy it over other bowls that cost less, and no one understood why a chemist made a new type of covered bowl. Mr. Tupper decided that if people could see the bowl demonstrated as someone told them the facts about the bowl, then they would be more apt to buy one.

That was 81 years ago and Tupperware has come a long way from that first bowl in 1946. They have a full line of food storage and organization, top of the line cookware, a complete line made for the microwave to cook, reheat, and bake tasteful and healthy food, plus plastic reusable products that help save the planet from all the trash that is created from the food and drinks, one use reciprocals, we throw away each day. Tupperware was one of the first companies to become environmentally conscious, offered a type of business ownership for women, and sold their products using the Party Plan product demonstration.

Earl Tupper also realizing who his target audience really was, the women of America; because of this fact, in the 1950’s he was joined in his new business by Brownie Wise, one of the few successful business women in our country at that time. With Ms. Wise’s leadership, Tupperware came to be a company with great products with life time warranties, but more then that; it was a company in business to help empower women and help them have a productive career that revolves around their lives instead of having their lives revolve around their work.

Today, there are 2.9+ million independent women Tupperware Business owners and there are still hundreds of thousands of people that need this company’s products to help them save time and money by keeping their cooked and uncooked foods fresh longer, protected from those little creatures that could possibly get into the food, and their pantries, cabinets, and even their homes organized.

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