Pampered Chef

On October 15, 1980, female entrepreneur Doris Christopher held her very first cooking party in her home. She had come to realize that the family unit was becoming so busy, that making homemade meals and desserts was falling by the wayside. She saw the need for cooking and baking in the 20th century to be quicker, easier, and still have taste and be healthy. Ms. Christopher also realized that adding a creative element to cooking and baking would make it more fun and could include the whole family

The products that this company sells are made to last and come with various levels of warranty. Some have a lifetime warranty while others, like the line of consumables, offer only shelf life. They also offer Hostess only products, special gifts for persons who place an order, a registry for Brides or Birthday Girls, and fundraisers for your organization.

The future is promising for this company. In 2020, the company named Andrew Treanor as CEO and he took the company into the technological age in one year and increased online sales last year to 50% of all products sold. This makes it easier and better than ever to be a consultant, as many are holding parties online instead of at the hostesses home saving time and money for the hostess.

Pampered Chef is located in Addison, IL and has international offices in Germany, Austria, and France.

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