Welcome to 1 Stop, we are glad you are here. We have joined many direct-selling companies during the years and love the products they offer. We use the products of every company listed here, unless otherwise stated, and having them delivered monthly makes my shopping easier, quicker, and helps to keep me on budget because all those “impulse” buys are eliminated. All the companies we listed are located in the United States and 90% of all the products shown are made right here too. These companies offer the best prices on the best products selling them with the best warranties known.

Affiliate Marketing is different than MLM marketing. With MLM companies, the Independent Business owner saves around 25% on their purchases and makes a commission on every product sold.  Business owners consistently earns commission on purchases by each person they refer to the MLM. The business owner usually uses, and has, plenty of product on hand for personal use and to sell. Affiliate Marketing is different from a MLM in the fact that there is no need to have any products on hand. This way of marketing offers the freedom to promote any product you want, without any person to person sales. Affiliate Marketers generally write blogs about a particular product and when a person buys the product by clicking on the included link, they get paid. Again, there is no face to face selling and affiliate marketers usually make  2%-8% per product sold from the link in their blog.

We make money using both of these ways to promote products and have found them to be both challenging, fun, and  productive. Our hope is to not only share fantastic products and make some money, but to show you the two ways to market and sell products so that you too can start making money for the referrals you

Good Luck, and God Bless, if you are interested in knowing more about these companies, how you can earn free merchandise, or how to make money, please fill out the “Join the Group” form and you will be added too our Facebook group and receive special members information, members “Only” special sales, and my personal tips on how to use all the wonderful products I promote.