Welcome, I hope this finds you well and hopeful for a better future.

Suddenly our times are different, they are no longer full of secure financial or healthful bliss. We are running out of food and products plus many people are losing their jobs, homes, security, are full of fear, and needing to take a path most have never even considered. Self employment. Unless you have a specific skill or talent, finding a business to start can be a daunting task. It takes so much start up revenue to start a brick a mortar store and there is so much risk involved, especially in today’s economy, for most, it is not a viable option. I too have no specific skill and have little creative talent and when I realized I needed to start my own business in order to make any money, I checked out many different types and  as I did I came to one conclusion: I want to make money and I am willing to put a great amount of time and effort into it, but, I DON’T want to be married to my business!!!! Then I found the MLM type of businesses and I became a believer in the business model.

When people hear MLM they hear “pyramid scheme”. Those are illegal and no one but the top people make any money. That’s not what I’m talking about, there is a difference between the two types of business structures and one is helpful to the marketer but the other is not. MLM’s and their wonderful products help people save time and money plus make a few extra bucks.   The other has no tangible products of any kind.

As I share the different ways different companies set up their structures and the many incredible products found in the MLM world, it is my hope that you find the way God is going to get you through this crazy time in our world’s history.